Friday, May 28, 2010

Princess Haley and Her Party

That is how Sophie refers to last weekend's festivities. Last weekend, which also happened to be my darling Husband's birthday (poor guy his birthday kind of got lost in the shuffle), May 22nd, we traveled to Bald Head Island, NC to attend a friend of mine's wedding. A very dear friend from high school, Haley, got married to a wonderful man, Marcos on a beautiful, hot, but beautiful morning with a picturesque background of the beach on the deck of the Shoals Club at BHI. Sophie was in her glory watching Haley walk down the aisle in her beautiful lace adorned wedding gown and later at the reception was star struck to say the least when the beautiful bride paid attention to her and gave her a sprig of hydrangea from her bouquet. Sophie was overcome and could not believe how beautiful Haley looked, she kept commenting again and again how she looked beautiful just like a princess. It was a short trip for us, but well worth it to see so many old and familiar faces from high school (hard to believe it has been 10 years!!!) and what better way to get reacquainted than with a celebration of love and two lives joining together as one!

Sophie is actually still talking about the wedding (aka, Haley's party) and "Princess Haley" almost a week later, She will get all dressed up in her princess dress up clothes and shoes and tell me that she is Haley! The girl is all about everything beautiful these days, she refuses to wear anything that is not a dress, insisting that if she is not in a dress then she is simply not beautiful. We have another wedding to attend to in July when another of my very best friends from high school ties the knot, I am sure then it will all be about "Princess Leslie"!

Upon our arrival at the hotel Sophie found herself a "little spot" in between the pillows to hang out.

Jonah hung out in the Pack n' Play.

The light was beautiful on the back deck at the rehearsal dinner.

Hanging out waiting for us to get ready before the wedding.

This was the moment Sophie had been waiting for all day!

My new friend Preston making his debut on the blog.

Leslie and Preston.
The next happy couple to wed on July 17th!

Mr. and Mrs. Marcos Arellano

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sophie And The Sink

So my husband has been on a roll lately putting together cute little videos of the kids. Check out his most recent creation of the girl. Don't forget to turn your sound on!!!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Princess Boy

What happens when your 3 year old can't get her princess crown to stay on her own head? She puts on it her little brother.

Also check out what happens HERE when you leave your 3 year old alone with your 3 month old while you attempt to do laundry!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

6 Months Ago Today........

I was in labor, walking the streets of our neighborhood in eager anticipation of our little one. Little did we know that the baby about to grace us with his presence was our sweet little baby boy, Jonah Michael! I will admit that the last 6 months have been quite a whirlwind.........alright, they have been a literal BLUR! Between the sleep deprivation, keeping up with a 3 1/2 year old, keeping up with household chores, scratch that, letting my house look like a bomb went off,....laundry....I do manage to get laundry done, grocery shopping and getting three healthful meals put on the table a day not to mention nutritious snacks, I think it is safe to say that I am literally exhausted on all wonder I'm on thyroid meds even my thyroid can't keep up!

Really though, as crazy, and I do mean crazy, as my life can seem at times, I have to remind myself and my husband definitely has to remind me....often, that this is a short season and in a few short months life will look so different for us, whatever that may be! My children are truly a blessing not only to Neal and I, but to their doting grandparents as well. They put a smile on our faces when nothing else can. They make me crazy, but I am also so, so, so crazy about them!

Check out this short little video that Neal has made of our sweet 6 month old. I am not sure when the video was all taken, it was a while ago though.....I think. I know it was before he was sitting up, so maybe around 4 months old???? Don't forget to turn your sound on your computer so you can hear how noisy our little guy is!!!!