Friday, April 20, 2012

We Are Moving.

Our blog that is! The new site will be primarily pictures, which lets face it, that is what everyone wants to see anyway and it is the primary reason I started a blog to begin with, so that our out of state family and friends could keep up with us and our ever growing family. This current blog will still remain up and accessible, but I will no longer be posting anything new here.

The new site is through Tumblr and I am able to directly post the pictures I take of the kids on my iPhone straight to the new Tumblr site. Neal's phone is also directly linked to the new site, which allows him to share the pictures he takes as well. The posting of pictures is half my battle since it is SUCH a pain with the current Blogger site and SO time consuming. So you will be seeing lots more pictures, like LOTS. I document the kids on a daily basis because so much funny, exciting, new, and not so funny stuff happens around here. With 3 kids, often times the pictures serve as my memory so this is also a great way for me to keep track of our day to day happenings.

The main reason for the change is that 'blogging' is not my priority, life demands so much from me these days and sitting down at the end of the day or finding time amidst the chaos of the day to upload pictures and type something out is not high up on my to do list. That said, I do still want to share pictures of our family with our long distance relatives and friends and with the ease and simplicity of Tumblr I will now be able to do that with a click of a button on my phone and I am so looking forward to that.

Pictures will be posted DAILY to the new site so if you are interested in keeping up with us that often please feel free to do so, I don't know that I will be sending out email reminders. Although I may sit down monthly or bi-monthly and send out a family update on how life is treating us! I hope everyone enjoys the new site, it is definitely a weight off my shoulders to have sharing pictures be so easy now.


You can find our new site here: