Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Painting

Just as we did last year, we painted our pumpkins for Halloween. Well, Sophie painted pumpkins and the baby, that we now know and love as Jonah, got painted. As you can see not much has changed from last year, Sophie painted her pumpkin and well, Jonah got painted.....again, only this time he was the one doing the painting! He had such a blast he ate quite a bit of paint, but have no fear it is non-toxic. He kept squealing with delight as he painted the pumpkin, then put a little on himself, dunked his foot in the paint tray and put a brush full of paint in his mouth. Silly Boy! We had lots of laughs and even more clean up, but it was worth it for all the fun we had! You will notice there are no pictures of Sophie with the exception of the last shot which is of her hands and her fabulously painted pumpkin, the reason for this is is she is going through a, "I am not going to look at the camera" phase, not to mention she painted in her underwear to avoid paint on the clothes and I really did not want to post my 4 year old in her underwear for all the blogging world to see! Click HERE to see last year's painting fun.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh The Places We Have Been..........

So my husband was kind enough to take the time out of his rather busy schedule to edit all of these lovely photos so that I could share them with all you lovely folks!

Here is a run down of what we have been up to and the many many places we have been!

****No pictures yet (soon to come), but Jonah is WALKING!!!!! He took off last week and hasn't looked back since!**********

Starting with the most recent and working our way back:

The Pumpkin Patch 10/16/10 (which was also our anniversary......yay 6 years!!)

Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia 10/8/10-10/10/10

The water was a bit cold for swimming so we made use of the water trampoline!

Yes, she is in her underwear, the water splashed up through the trampoline and soaked her pants!

My stud of a husband!

Uncle Joe and his girlfriend Mirkka who was visiting from Finland

Jonah's first ride on Papa's boat!

Sophie starts Karate 10/4/10

She broke her first board in order to earn her white belt!!!

A Day Out with Thomas the Train 10/1/10

A fun day at the NC Transportation museum where we got to take a ride on Thomas the train!

Disney 9/19/10-9/26/10

Proving that she is in fact tall enough to ride the rides!

Riding Thunder Mountain, AKA her favorite ride!

Jonah's favorite ride, Buzz Lightyear!

Jonah WAS NOT a fan of the characters.

Phew! I think we are to speed on pictures now! Now hopefully I won't get that far behind again!