Monday, September 13, 2010

Shameless Plug

I have to brag on my husband for just a minute. I was one man down yesterday while Neal was in Virginia photographing a wedding on the most picturesque Lavender Farm. I can't even begin to describe the amazingness (if that is even a word) of the pictures he took. Sometimes, well most of the time really, I am just blown away by his talent and eye for things. Here is a quick preview, but to see more amazing shots click HERE to go to his blog.




Sunday, September 12, 2010

Life Lately

man time
So I was super busy inside on a day that Neal desperately needed to cut the grass, but little man was awake and needing some attention........solution wrap him up in the Moby and have Daddy wear him while cutting the grass......genius! He had a blast and the next time Neal mowed the grass, about a week later, Jonah did not get to ride along with Daddy, but watched from the porch with me, clearly Jonah was a little upset because he would get super excited when Neal would start toward us and then get equally as disappointed when he kept right on going past us!

food + jonah = big mess
He does not eat too much food, he is still a nurse-aholic! But when he does choose to eat table food,! I mean in his hair, ears, up his nose, you name the orifice and there is food in there! He does enjoy his food though, I will say there is usually more food on him than in him! He seems to really enjoy bananas and avocado, those are the two I can usually count on him eating, and blueberries too.

sophie, my sweet, oh so grown up, sophie.......
What can I say other than she is growing up waaaaaaaaaaaay too fast. She loves to love her little brother and her hearts biggest desire? help all this little love wants to do is help no matter what the task, oh my sweet girl. Most recently she helped me saute the meat for tacos, and chop up avocado. A few weeks ago we made our own strawberry jam, she was a big help washing the strawberries and the jam is so yummy! She is now the proud owner of a bright orange BMX bike. She finally outgrew her Princess tricycle and Neal and I felt it was time to move onto a two wheeler with training wheels, she passed by every girly bike in the store and went straight for the neon orange bike!!! Rock on Sophie, the girl knows what she likes! Neal is pretty stoked that she chose a BMX bike too. Her and Daddy have been bike riding fools lately and she even tries to do her version of a "trick" just like Daddy does on his bike. You are growing up too fast little girl.