Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Meet The Girls

I would like to formally introduce you to "the girls" as we so affectionately refer to them. Roxy, the Barred Rock, the stripey looking one, she is Neal's chicken. Betty, a Black Sex Link, the black and amber one, she is Jonah's. Mabel, an Amber Link, the one in the back who sort of reminds me of a toasted marshmallow, she is mine. And finally, Butterfly, another Amber Link, the little cream colored one in the front, well she is Sophie's, I mean didn't her name give way to who her owner was?

They love to hide out under the shed, we finally had to cut off their access under the shed for fear they would feel too safe under there and start laying their eggs there.

A better look at Mabel, seriously though does she not remind you of a perfectly toasted marshmallow?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Celebrating Jonah

Phew.....I feel like we have been celebrating birthdays in this house for 2 weeks.....oh wait we have! I have finally had a chance to sit down and upload the maaaaaaany pictures from Jonah's days of celebration. Stayed tuned for the pics of Sophie which are soon to come.

Birthday Morning/Afternoon November 1, 2010

Up bright and early at 6:45am.....the norm around here!

So excited about his own chair, no more having to sit in sister's pink one!

Birthday Party November 6, 2010

Waiting for everyone to arrive.

Loving his handmade blocks from Papa Slimick!

So excited about his car he couldn't even wait for the wheels to be put on!

FREE, who doesn't love FREE?

Thanks to my friend Kelly I learned about an awesome giveaway that Shutterfly is doing. If you simply blog about their website and all the great products and services that they offer you get 50 FREE holiday cards!!! I am truly excited about this folks especially since we have so many photos to come by around here with the talent of my awesome hubby! We have not used Shutterfly for holiday cards in the past, but we have enlisted their services several times to order prints and my mom uses them quite often for her prints and in my opinion the print quality is great. I really like the fact that they offer a matte finish option on their prints, since I really, I mean really dislike a glossy finish on my prints and some places don't give you the option they just offer glossy. Anyway back to holiday cards I have been browsing Shutterfly's site lately trying to get a feel for what the Slimick holiday card might look like this year and I have to tell you Shutterfly has some pretty nice looking cards, it may be hard to choose! I really have not narrowed down my decision quite yet, but the two below are just some examples of the cute designs they are offering this year. Oh and they offer other great personalized photo gifts as well! To sign up and get your 50 FREE cards just go HERE!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

nothing we do is normal......

For our children's birthdays we got them chickens, that's right.......chickens, 4 of them to be exact. We took them to our farmer friend, Michael, over at his farm, The Poultry Junction to pick them out. Sophie did her very best to wrangle a chicken for her and one on behalf of Jonah, who, is clearly too young to wrangle his own chicken, but I imagine he is not far behind in his wrangling abilities. Anyhow we went with the intention of getting 2 maybe 3 chickens, but ended up with 4 because we thought it only fitting for each member of the family to have their very own chicken, who wants to share a chicken anyway. The chickens are not quite old enough to lay eggs I think two of them will be old enough in about a month or so, and the other two in January/February sometime. I like to think of our new chicken friends as pets with purpose. Here is a look at our day at the farm.

running down to the coops, she could not get there fast enough.

itching to get inside and pick out her chicken.

trying to catch one.

caught. except this one actually got put back because she saw a "cuter" one she wanted.

this is the one she caught for jonah.

helping daddy catch his chicken.

watching all the action.

telling me she would really like 2 chickens for herself.

i wonder if he is thinking "hey, we have the same hair color"

trying to decide which one i want to take home.

her "cuter" chicken.

of course what is a visit to the farm without saying hello to the turkey.