Tuesday, September 13, 2011

35 Weeks

Today was my 35 week (almost, technically it is really 34wks 6days, but who's counting) appointment with my oh so fabulous midwife. The appointment went well for the most part. The positive first...I am now measuring right on at 35cm, whereas the past two visits I was measuring 2cm smaller than I "should" be. So that is good, I was glad to hear that since I really don't want to cook this baby any longer than I have to and a smaller baby might mean it would want to stay in there longer......not part of my plan. I have only gained 3lbs since my last visit, guess that means I can keep on keeping on with my level of ice cream intake! ;) And no I am not willing to share exactly how much weight I have gained, let's just say it is enough! I am 2cm dilated, there are a few other positive details to go along with that, but might fall into the TMI category so we will just leave it at that.

Now for the not so positive. Apparently I have a problem with iron absorption. My midwife checked my iron levels today and to quote her "your iron levels stink" I think she was just as disappointed as I was. It was really disheartening to hear since I (along with Neal aka the "Iron Police") have been so diligent about taking all my supplements to boost my iron intake along with cooking everything possible in our cast iron skillet. My iron levels dropped this appointment and typically at this point in a pregnancy is when the iron levels should start to increase again, not the case for me. This happened with Jonah which explains my inability to bounce back very quickly, I felt depleted for weeks after his birth and I do not want a repeat this time, so I think that is why this time I am so determined to bring my levels back up. So we will continue to supplement with any and every herb that we can and do it with natural supplements, none of that nasty artificially man made stuff that your body has no idea how to process not to mention constipates the heck out of anyone who looks at it!

My thyroid........ahhhhh my lovely little friend who just likes to mix it up and give me grief. I received a letter from my Endocrinologist the other day stating that my levels remain elevated at this point, but he is still not pursuing any course of treatment, since the baby's thyroid is functioning all on it's own and is in no danger. The levels that are elevated (TSH) he is really not concerned about, my Free T4 levels are fine which are what he would be alarmed and seek treatment for if they had been abnormal. I am very aware that my "not so positive" issues could be a lot worse and there are many women who have a lot greater issues than I do, I am just thankful that my issues are what they are...........this too shall pass.

Suffice it to say that with super low iron levels, a thyroid in overdrive, two kids running around and a mini acrobat growing inside of me..............I AM EXHAUSTED!


So most everyone knows that I use cloth diapers on Jonah and have since he was about 3 months old and that I plan on using cloth on the newbie arriving soon (we hope!). Usually when asked about cloth diapering I am so excited that someone is interested that I have a hard time answering all their questions in a concise manner and end up doing the opposite of what I intended....overwhelming the said inquisitive person! Upon reading one of my favorite cloth diaper blogs, The Cloth Diaper Whisperer, this morning THIS is the post that greeted me! I was pretty excited because it pretty much sums up what I always want to share with inquisitive mamas, but never seem to be able to convey!

This is what currently makes up my stash for Jonah and the Newbie:

Thirsties Duo Wraps and Thirsties sized covers, pretty much in every color and print (except the girly ones).

Prefolds (these go underneath the wraps/covers)

Bottombumpers All In Ones (the absorbent part and waterproof part "all in one) makes cloth diapers easier/quicker for others changing the baby's diaper. Right now I only have these for Jonah.

These are just a few things that if the budget allows I would LOVE to have for the new baby because they are just so stinkin' cute!

Weehuggers Diaper Covers

Grovia Newborn All In Ones

Did I mention I LOVE cloth diapering?!?!?!?