Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Photo Session

Ok, so my husband is a photographer, and yes we have lots of great pictures, but none of them have Neal in them or us as a whole family! So this past Saturday we enlisted the fabulous services of a local photographer Nicole Rogers to take our first family pictures! Not only is this the first time we have had family pictures taken, but it is the first time Neal and I have had pictures together since we were October of 2004!!!! We had such a blast out taking pics with Nicole, she was very laid back and I feel like she captured our family just as we it! Funny thing.....we go to the same church and had no idea, small world!

Anyway Nicole has posted a "sneak peek" on her blog for us to take a look at and share with you guys, click HERE to view. Also after the last image on the blog there is a link to view our slideshow with a few shots from the session. Our complete gallery will be up for us to view soon, and I will send out an email so anyone who wants to take a look can do so! Oh and the beautiful quilt that you see in the pictures was hand made by Neal's grandmother "Giz" as a wedding gift for us. We know Giz would be "tickled" to see these pictures.