Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweet Sick Baby

RSV is taking its toll on my sweet baby girl. After spending 3 nights in a row sleeping in the rocker in her room rocking the pitiful little thing to sleep and then staying in there all night long because in my arms was the only place she would sleep, Sunday night I decided it was time to pay another visit to the doctor. Monday morning rolled around and we made our way to the doctor, sure enough sweet baby has double ear infections and is wheezing which required breathing treatments at the doctor's office and at home, so we now own our very own nebulizer machine Yaaaaaaay (hopefully you can sense the sarcasm there). As you can imagine she isn't a huge fan of the breathing treatments, but we get them done as quickly as we can because she needs to have it done. My heart breaks watching her cry and wiggle in pain while trying yo get comfortable because of her ear pain and then to listen to her raspy, wheezy, "junky sounding" breathing is just pitiful and makes me want to stand in her place. She is such a trooper though and will still flash her beautiful gummy smiles and grab at her toys in her baby gym (a new skill), but naturally we can tell she is simply not herself, which is to be expected. We are praying that the antibiotic starts working quickly, that the Tylenol eases her pain, and that the breathing treatments help to open and clear her lungs, please pray with us. 
Sleeping in my arms.

Waiting to be seen at the doctor's office.

 Still a pretty happy baby.

This is where she slept last night and for her nap this morning, upright in her baby rocker.

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